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Artist Statement: Kathy Piwowar

The subject matter chosen for my work is a reflection of my life's obsession with biology. Non-Hollywood women frequently find their way into my pieces, reflecting my tomboy childhood and my adult life as a mine worker.

Texture, pattern, grids and other strong graphic elements distinguish my work. Dogs, wildlife, figures and birds reflect my background in biology. Materials that find their way into my art range from beads bought in Ghana, real sinew purchased in Inuvik, NWT, broken glass found in the desert of the Australian Outback, to a dragonfly wing peeled off a radiator in Panama.

My current focus is to attain the unique surface textures that mixed media allows - the unpredictability of cracking being a favourite. The intrigue that textures bring and the frequent use of multiples and pattern repetition within a piece, is the glue that holds my eye in the designing of my work.

My purpose is to engineer a compelling/intriguing composition, sometimes with a northern flavour, possibly with a dash of nonsense, humour, whimsy or mathematical edge. My work leans toward the biological with a touch of geometry and more recently geology.

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