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Welcome to the "piWOWeb" Gallery of Kathy Piwowar's Yukon art

  Kathy Piwowar's Artist Statement - My artistic endeavors began in Grade 3 when I realized that I could draw a duck's bill better than Linda Jost who was the best artist in the class.

In high school I figured I had a lot in common with Van Gogh and all the apparent agony his life entailed. I wanted to eat potatoes with coal dust on my hands. I wanted to drink coffee in a sidewalk cafe in Paris. Yellow was my favourite colour because it was his. I convinced my parents to choose yellow as the colour for our new station wagon.

At university the art building was the most interesting place on campus. Although my brain plodded through the sciences, it rested in the design and drawing courses I took.

A while back I furthered my studies at The Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary and spent several years in life drawing sessions here in Whitehorse. I've had four solo shows (as well as numerous group shows) with the Yukon Art Society (YAS), when it was located in the historical Captain Martin House, before it moved to the present location at Arts Underground. I have also exhibited at the Great Northern Art Festival in Inuvik and at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery in Whitehorse. (Portrait of the Artist herself) or (Portrait of the Artist & her Assistant)

Kathy's latest show: "Women la carte - Constellations"
November 2014 in the Focus Gallery at Arts Underground
(listen to the interviews on CBC Radio: Dave White & Laurel Parry)

Kathy's previous show: "Women la carte - A Second Glance"October 2013 at Gallery 22

Kathy's previous show: "Four Women - la carte"
October 2012 at Gallery 22
(listen to the interview on CBC Radio)

A sample of Kathy's most recent works (2010-2012)

Kathy's show: "Landscapes Real and Imagined"
November 2010 for a month at the Copper Moon Gallery
(read the interview in the Whitehorse Star)

A sample of Kathy's not-quite-so-recent works (2009-2010)
Kathy is currently exploring a variety of mixed media themes (see examples)
Kathy's jewellry has been very popular at the Arts Underground gift shop (see examples)
Kathy's newest paintings have proven popular, too (check out "Vladimir and Natasha" series)
"Metal Moons" - 2008 show at the YAS Gallery, Arts Underground. (see reception here)
"Memories of Africa & the Daring Dames of Aqua-fit" - 2006 show at the YAS Gallery, Captain Martin House.
"Works In Fours" - 2005 show at the YAS Gallery, Captain Martin House.
(see reception here) (watch the video)
Some of Kathy's paper mache sculptures.
Kathy's sculptures of wood, feathers, wire, beads and paint really are unique ("shields" & "bird houses"). She also has innovative jewellry, made from tufted moose-hair.
Kathy has demonstrated her technique for creating hog-gut vessels & (See some finished vessels).
Photovision's 2002 Digital Photo Contest.
Kathy experiments with digital art - including collaborations with Gerald Piwowar ("Dream Fish").
"Hog Gut & the Digital Dame" - 2001 show at the YAS G allery, Captain Martin House.
"Practically All Nieces & Egg Shell Show" - 2000 show at the YAS Gallery.
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 Updated 2014.11.26 Copyright 2014 Kathy Piwowar all rights reserved. For distribution information & evaluation copies please e-mail us.

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